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  • Philips M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module

The M1026A is an excellent addition to any Philips patient monitor that is going to be used for patient monitoring in the O.R. or Day Surgery setting.


The M1026A Anesthetic Gas Modules (AGM’s) use infrared absorption technology to measure the five most commonly used anesthetic gases, plus N2O and CO2. Oxygen is measured using a paramagnetic technique.


The M1026A AGM’s display numeric, trends, real-time waveforms, and alarms on the patient monitor screen.


The M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module (AGM) can measure patient’s anesthetic and respiratory gases.


The AGM can measure and display waves and numerics for three respiratory gases and one anesthetic agent.


The M1026A can automatically detect one out of five anesthetic agents and display this information on the attached patient monitor.

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Philips M1026A Anesthetic Gas Module

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